Why wear makeup?

Every single morning I take the time out to line my eyes and glue my lashes on,  but one day I was just kind of thinking, why do I even do this? Why even put myself through this torture? So, I went to Facebook and asked the question: WHY DO WE EVEN WEAR MAKEUP??

Mary: I wear makeup because I hate my skin and feel like I have squinty eyes. Makeup makes me feel more put together. I do not rock the natural look well at all. I prefer to be made up. I love eyeliner, mascara, and gloss, but I always wear some sort of powder or foundation. My skin sucks.

Amber:I wear makeup to make myself feel prettier, with blonde eyelashes and eyebrows-it brings it all out and feels all put together, defines my features more!

Melissa:My skin tone is uneven. Mostly to even skin color. I don’t wear a whole lot anyways.

Nichole: I wear make up to feel more confident. I don’t think I’m ugly without it, I have just always preferred the made up look to the natural look.

Sarah: I wear makeup to cover up my scars on my face and it makes me feel more confident.

Kari:Because every barn needs a coat of paint. And this barn looks better shellacked and covered.

Emily: I think every girl feels prettier with some mascara and lip gloss !

Dakota: I only wear eye make up because I love the way it makes my eyes look.

April: Define my eyes and even skin tone. Agreed with mascara and lip gloss Emily.

Cydney: Dark circles r the devil, that is why.

Brittini: I wear makeup to avoid frightening my children. Big black bags under the eyes does tend to scream “I am the undead” like nothing else.

Lacy: I usually only put on eye makeup to enhance my eyes, but when I do put on foundation it is to cover blemishes.

Jessica: I can’t live without MASCARA AND I LIKE LOTS OF IT the longer the lashes the better!!! Although I will go thru these stages and try weird crazy colors just to be different with eyeshadows and etc .. Just to have a (Diff) look from the normal. I sometimes do go without it .. And of course those days I’m miserable and the days I’m wearing it my pants are little bit too sassy for their own good haaaahaaaa

So I guess that every woman has their own reasons for why they wear makeup, but the real question is; if there was only one piece on makeup YOU COULD KEEP, what would it be??


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