Brushes and Combs

I asked what you thought that my next blog post should be on, and you answered. I think that most stylist don’t realize that clients have no clue which brush to use on their hair, and most are using the wrong one. This is a little post to tell you which you should be using for your hair type and haircut.


  • First up is the paddle brush, which is also known as the cushion brush. The bristles sit on a cushion which allows airflow, and contour your head, so you get a free massage out of brushing. They are usually rectangular or oval in shape, and the bristles can be pure boar hair, nylon or a combination of the two. The handles are made from anything from wood to ceramic or plastic.


  •  The round / radial brushes are used to create curls. The bigger the brush, the bigger the curl you can achieve. Round brushes are made from ceramics, woods and in some cases have metal barrels, and have natural, nylon or a mixture of the two for bristles. Ceramic barrels hold the heat from the hairdryer better, and help to create better curls. The vents in the barrel allow airflow through the brush, creating more volume in your hair. Now what size should you buy? The shorter your hair, the smaller the brush.The more volume wanted, the larger the brush.

The picture is of wooden, boar bristle brushes. These are my favorite because of less tangling in the hair.


  • The half radial brush is the next on our list. This brush has a cushion that allows airflow, and has bristles forming a half circle. They are different to paddle brushes in the sense that they are smaller, and are half round, where paddles have a little curve, but not a lot. Once again the bristles can be made from natural fibers, nylon, or a mix of the two. The brushes themselves are made from anything from wood to plastics. They don’t create as much volume as their round counterparts, and also have smoothing qualities like the paddle brush.


  •  Wide tooth combs, also known as detangling combs, are used to comb out wet hair or tangled hair, without causing too much damage to the hair. They can be made of wood, metal or plastic, and come in many shapes and sizes. The feature that will help you spot them is the wide spaced teeth. These are great to comb out wet hair after a shower.


  • A teasing comb is a comb designed specifically to help in the process of teasing or backcombing hair to achieve greater volume and lift.


 Now on to my favorites:

The magic of the Wet Brush™ is in the specially formulated IntelliFlex™ bristles. IntelliFlex™ bristles are thin, strong and very flexible. They have intelligent flexibility – flexible on one stroke and firm on the next. The adaptive flexibility of IntelliFlex™ eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. No split ends, no hair loss. It provides healthy brushing and detangling, creating the perfect transition from wash to style! With a rubber coated non slip handle that feels great wet or dry, The Wet Brush is a favorite among women, men and children of all ages and can even be used on extensions and wigs. Perfect for use in the shower, after a shower, at a salon, on a beach or on children who cringe at the sight of a hair brush, The Wet Brush allows anybody to have beautiful, soft, healthy and tangle-free locks.



Featuring Mongolian boar bristles, brushes natural oils from scalp to ends, adds luster and shine, great for brushing dry shampoo through hair. Great for thick, curly, and straight hair.




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