Airbrush makeup review!

I’ve always heard about airbrush makeup, but never had it done or done it on anyone. Now, I LOVE doing makeup, but as a stylist it’s something that I don’t get to do that often. Well, I bought my first airbrush makeup system and I am IN LOVE!

I have the Stream Cosmetics brand. I think that I propbably would have went with Dinair, but I found this machine for an amazing price. I like it, and from what I have read there really is no difference in the products. If you buy a kit of one and don’t like the actual foundation, always remember that as long as you are using a foundation for an airbrush machine, it doesn’t have to actually be the same name brand as your machine. I suggest playing around with the different colors (and mixing colors) of the foundation that you DO have before totally writing it off.

First off, I bought the medium complexion package. I spray tan often and lay in the tanning bed (I know, I know) so I thought that even though I am pretty fair skinned, with my tan I would be dark enough to be considered medium, WRONG! I mix two colors together and it gives me a good color. I would really do research (read read read and watch YouTube videos and reviews like crazy) to decide which color package to get. You would be surprised, YouTube can actually give you much more insight than you would think.

I have only done my own makeup two days in a row, and here is my review of it so far: I absolutely love the coverage it gives me. I normally have oily, acne scarred, acne prone skin (if they tell you it gets better the older you are, they are lying). I have a problem with foundations sitting in my scars, melting off my face throughout the day, or simply just not having enough coverage. I love this airbrush makeup because you can build your coverage; as you spray and dry, you can “coat” the foundation on (OT, I use the sprayer to dry the makeup without actually spraying out the makeup, make sense?!). I always put my concealer on before spraying, if you put it on after you will totally ruin the spray. You’re not going to rub it off, but you’re going to totally lose that airbrush look!! After I spray I have a mineral setting powder that I VERY VERY lightly use to finish off.

I have been trying to get the blush, highlighter, and the bronzer down, but so far I just haven’t mastered the technique. I have watched a couple YouTube vids on it, but every time that I try to, I end up letting it get too “cakey” in those spots. So, I still use my regular makeup. I then take my big brush and blend, blend, blend!!

I am really loving it so far. I love all the compliments that I have gotten on my makeup. Tomorrow is my first makeup client with the airbrush machine, so when I am done I will make a post and let everyone know how it went!

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