Healthy Winter Skin

When winter begins one of the first things that many women begin to worry about is how to keep their skin looking healthy and fresh, during those cold months. With winter comes dry chapped skin, not just on your face and hands but on the rest of your body as well. So what can you do? First you need to replace the moisture that has been lost from your skin. Don’t take long very hot baths, since this is one of the best ways to dry out your skin. There are plenty of moisturizing soaps, and washes that you can use during your shower to help return moisture to the skin. You could also try getting a humidifier in certain rooms of your house. It may be a good idea to put on in your living room this way it will not only benefit you, but the entire family. You could also try using soaps and body washes that are scent free. The chemicals that are used to add those scents that we love so much, actually contribute to drying your skin out.

When it comes to your face you need to make sure that you keep your face protected when you are out in cold weather. This will help to keep some of the moisture in your face. You also want to avoid over moisturizing your face. You should only apply extra moisturizer when your face feels dry, and you think that you really need it. It is not necessary to use prescription treatments in order to treat most dry skin conditions during the winter months. It will also help to give yourself a facial once a week; this will ensure that your skin is kept healthy and fit. One key thing that many seem to forget about the winter time is that you should still continue to wear sunscreen. The snow can actually reflect up to 85 percent of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This should be applied to any exposed body parts during the winter time. You should also make sure that your children are well protected also. Always make sure that their hands and face are covered when they are outdoors. It will also help to give them a moisturizing chap stick to apply to their lips. If you feel that you have taken all of these precautions and your skin still does not feel right you may want to take the time to visit a dermatologist, who can give you additional tips on how to care for your skin during the winter months.


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