Is technology hurting the beauty business?

Is technology hurting the beauty business?

I know as a part time housewife, full time salon owner, that connivence is key. From ordering puppy pads, to cheap color bowls from China… I enjoy jumping on my phone and buying things from bed.

I get emails all the time offering me online booking services. I use the StyleSeat app. They offer $30 a month booking online. I offer it, but I’m not big on pushing it. Am I wrong? Would more people use it? I’m scared of throwing away the money if people don’t use it, but am I missing money by not using it?

Are people not buying salon retail because I’m not offering it online? Are they going through Amazon to buy it? I buy beauty products all the time on the Internet. While getting use to spray tans and airbrush makeup, eBay was my BFF.

I know a lot of companies don’t allow outside sales of their product. But people buy it. How many women rely on what Google or Amazon says is good for their hair?

Does that mean as trained beauty professionals, we are losing business to online retailers?

My salon just has three hairdressers, & this is new. What am I to rival places like Hairbenders, a very well known salon. Hairbenders has became a machine. You don’t go to Hairbenders for a more intimate relationship, you go for the name brand. You go to say “Yea I get my hair done at Hairbenders.” Smaller salons, like my own, are more willing to work with your scheduling needs. Smaller salons remember it was your kid’s birthday, remember you were pissed because his dad brought his girlfriend, and saw on your Facebook that you got a new dog. You pay a much cheaper price to gossip about your neighbors, & learn something about someone you only recognize my name is that your client last week was his ex girlfriend. So you already know the dirt on that.

So maybe technology is helping big business but hurting smaller ones? Does that mean that smaller salons have a more client engaging experience? I think so. I’ve got texts in the middle of the night that someone had an emergency (she tried to do her color herself) and need to get in that day. Personally, I love Facebook for my salon, and we have a website. Facebook has been my biggest advertisement. By far. But I think for now I’m going to steer clear of much else.

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