Welcome to your late 20’s.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a manual. You wake up one day and realize your hips have widened, you can’t eat what you want anymore, you still have acne, and your body tends to hurt after strenuous sex. Every day you have hints that your getting old. You don’t know the new text terms or who Justin Bieber is dating. You realize you’ve been out of high school longer than you were in high school. You realize you’re not the same person you were when you were 16, or even 21.
The day I realized I was getting old was when I realized my mother was right, and the little things suddenly mattered. Most people never talk to some of their friends after high school, being in the beauty industry I’m still close to some of my old friends, which is like seeing a unicorn drink out of the fountain at Central Park. I have regrets, but at the same time I feel like I am doing well to be so young. Yes, I may be only 26 and on my second marriage, but I feel that being a business owner so young cancels that out. I’m lucky to even be on my second marriage. While I may be a statistic, I know a lot of girls who haven’t even found that first “Mr. Right”. I look back and realize, I was too wild in high school and too boring in my early 20s. Thankfully I now have a husband that will party with me, and I don’t have any little humans to raise.
Not that motherhood isn’t great. I’m sure it is, for those who want it. Personally, it’s not for me. Not right now. I like to get drunk on Wednesday nights, sleep until 2:00, and watch People’s Court religiously.
Not that I haven’t royally fucked up a time or two. After my divorce I started dating a preacher who ended up being married to two different women in two different states. Definitely something I’d like to forget, but definitely something I’ve learned from. My twenties have been nothing but a learning experience. Learning who I am, learning who to trust, learning it’s not how many friends you have but how many are actually friends.
I wrote this to say, keep your head up Millennials. Your early 20s suck, and it doesn’t get better. But you will get smarter. I hope.

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