Overweight in the beauty industry

Granted, I live in an über small town. Not much goes on here. Our nicest clothing store is an American Eagle, unless you count the “designer” second hand clothing stores (selling things three seasons out of date and well loved). I don’t live in a beauty Mecca, but I do believe there are still serious guidelines to adhere to. This is the town where you’re not a “stylist”. Here you’re a “beautician” or a “hair girl”. Yes, that’s exactly what I spent $8,000 wanting to be categorized. I didn’t have huge dreams of working in NYC or LA, however I always knew I was bigger than this little town.
Then it happened. I did {kind of} become bigger than this little town. I fell ass backwards in to opening a salon & it blew up from there. Unfortunately, so did my waist line. Like, seriously, so did my waist line. Like a size 8 to size 12/14 kind of situation we have going on here.
So I guess the question could be, am I self conscious? Sometimes? Do I feel that I’m not living up to standards by being the fatty in the skinny world? Not in the least. I’m comfortable in myself, and I would have to say it obviously shows. Women spend their Saturday afternoon to come sit in MY salon and listen to ME talk about makeup and trends. Does it get much better than that? Hell no!!
I’m not concerned with the fact that I don’t have the coveted “thigh gap”. I have a muffin top, fat arms, and recently purchased high rise jeans {loving them}. Of course I wish I didn’t have a pudge in my tummy, but at the same time I LOVE CAKE. I don’t love the treadmill or crunches. At the point I’m more concerned with loving the curves that I have acquired and maintaining my weight.
I’m going to keep loving my body, wearing Spanx, and enjoying high rise jeans. I applaud those of you with flat tummies and bikinis. I’m going to keep eating my cake.

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