The life of a beauty addict

The life of a beauty addict

We all have addictions. I just so happen to have more than others. Hair extensions, makeup, designer purses…. To my husband’s dismay the list goes on and on.

Since I’ve started blogging a little, running the salon Facebook, opening a beauty Facebook account, and constantly looking for class ideas for the shop, I’ve realized I spend more time than most others looking at Pintrest and beauty blogs. I’ve literally dedicated my life to the beauty industry. This may seem absurd to some, but it’s relaxing to me. With my serious OCD issues, it’s nice to be able to focus (obsess) over something.

I am always looking up different tricks and tips to putting on makeup, but I’m quickly learning there’s only so much you can do. Lately I’m on a kick of finding dupes for department store brands. Now trust me, I’ve used tons of lower end brands, and I can tell you department store brands are the way to go (in most cases). I love to try stuff out so I can tell other people. Teach. Sadly my bank account nor my husband like this.

I need new eyeliner. I’ve been using the waterproof pencil from Sephora and I have anxiety trying to find another. I will exhaust all methods of research finding the perfect liner before I buy one. I may go expensive or cheap. I will stand in the aisle at Walmart checking reviews for every product on Makeup Alley. Id rather pay more for product that will work than to waste money on something that doesn’t and end up having to spend more money on another product.

Maybe we should all go in to buying makeup like this. Buy not what’s cheap but what you know will work and stick with it. I’m the worlds worst about finding something I like and wanting to try something new. Sometimes hating it. Meaning more money down the drain.

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