How about a little skin care?

Surprisingly, a lot of women don’t know what kind of skin they have. Not knowing what type of skin you have will lead to you using the wrong products. That’s never good. Whether it’s makeup or face wash, if you’re using something that isn’t for your skin type, then you are just throwing away money.

First, let’s go over skin types. There are five different kinds::

  1. Normal Skin– Feels elastic and looks vibrant. Few to no breakouts. Not too oily OR dry. Does not feel tight with changes in the weather. Pores are small. Fine, even texture. Smooth surface. Good balance with oil and moisture.
  2. Dry Skin– Pores are very fine. Feels tight and dry immediately after cleansing. Prone to wrinkles and red patches. Very fine pores.
  3. Oily Skin– Enlarged pores, prone to acne, over production of oil that causes pores to become blocked, looks shiny, enlarged pores, looks ‘greasy’, appears dull, and needs frequent cleansing.
  4. Combination Skin– Most common skin type. Patches of dry and oily. Cheeks and around eyes is dry and oil free. The T-Zone (forehead, chin, and nose) is oily and greasy. Large pores, especially on nose.
  5. Sensitive Skin– Fine texture. Feels tight and dry. Irritated and inflamed easily. Common: red patches, itchiness, tingling, and spots. Fine pores and delicate skin. Thin, almost translucent. Blushes and sunburns easily.

Not sure what your skin type is? Do the tissue test.

Rub a tissue across your skin….

  • No oil on tissue, but skin feels dry? You have dry skin.
  • Tissue has oily spots? You have oily skin.
  • Tissue only has oil when rubbed across T-Zone? You have Combination Skin
  • Tissue has no oil and doesn’t feel dry? You have normal skin.

Now that you know what type of skin you have, now you need to know how to treat it!!

  • Normal Skin– Use a gentle cleanser. Keep hydrated with moisturizers and toning gels. Hydrating gel masks once a week is good for this skin type.
  • Dry Skin– This skin type needs extra care, especially in the winter months. Use mild cleansers and toners with honey or mint. Avoid cleansing too often and alcohol based toners. Keep away from bars of soap, and always lotion up after bathing.
  • Oily Skin– Even though considered oily, this skin type could still have some dryness in winter months. Use oil control cleaners and products containing salicylic acid. Avoid sulfates. Exfoliate twice a week. Use only lightweight sunscreens on the face. Weekly clay based facials are great for this skin type.
  • Combination Skin– Choose products for both dry and oily skin. Use two different products if needed. Antioxidant rich products and water soluble products are best. Stay away from products that contain fragrance and citrus oils.
  • Sensitive Skin– Only use fragrance and perfume free products. Avoid too many chemicals, or alcohol and oil based products. Use hypo-allergenic products.

I hope this guide gives you ladies a good start on proper skin cleansing!!

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