Whitening Lightening Express Kit Review

My sister is getting married is t minus one month (23 days to be exact) and I’ve been doing a whole regimen to get ready. Tanning, teeth whitening, and it helps I’ve lost 15+ pounds to boot… 

So I found a link in one of my Facebook beauty boards for a teeth whitening company (Whitening Lightening). I got on the site and started looking around, finding they have a express kit for $19 (marked down from $49).  Shipping was super fast. 

You place a treatment in a mouth piece and hold a UV light “no farther than two inches away”. I piped that in and hung out. Granted, I think I forgot to turn the light on for the first 10 minutes, but after the 30 minute processing time, I was done. I WAS BLOWN AWAY BY THE RESULTS! 


The information packet says to wait 7 days for the next treatment. I will update then. 



Before and after second treatment