HAIRCOLOR: The truth behind bright shades

I’ve had a lot of messages lately of people asking for fashion colors (purple, pink, blues, and greens) and pastel colors (including grey). They are not as easy as just putting color on your hair and it turning out this amazing, bright color. A lot of the pictures you find on Pintrest of these colors are Photoshopped or wigs (see below). They really give an unreal expectation of how these colors can be achieved. By no means are they unattainable, but they do take dedication. 

Let me explain the process….

  • To have a vibrant and even color for any of these, you WILL have to strip the previous color out of your hair and prelighten (bleaching it out to a lighter color) it. Yes, you can put fashion shades over previously colored or hair that has been not prelightened, but it will NOT be as vibrant as you’re expecting it to be. 
  • With pastels you MUST strip your color and prelighten to a very light blonde. It is the only way these colors will take. 


  • These colors require much more maintenance than regular color. Most likely you will have to touch up the color every couple weeks. These are not permanent colors. They fade very quickly. 
  • Unless you plan on coloring your hair dark brown or black, these colors must be lifted (stripped) out of your hair to color over it. Even though they are not permanent colors, they are direct dyes and are deep in the hair shaft.




Real color achieved by the process listed 

This picture is circulating Facebook. It is also real (and VERY nicely done).