What style fits your face shape?

Whether you have a long, oval, round, square or heart face shape, there is a hair style to enhance your facial features.


How to find out your face shape


• Pull your hair back
• Take an old lipstick (or dry erase marker for easier clean up) and lightly trace the outline of your face onto a mirror
• Compare the outline with our images below to discover which face shape you have.



Hair Styles to Flatter Oblong Shapes


Shoulder-length or shorter hairstyles are the best hair cuts and hairstyles for long face shapes as they balance out the length of your face.

• The best hairstyles for long face shapes include those that add width. This can be achieved by adding layers around the middle point of the face to flatter a long face shape.
• Bangs also shorten the appearance of a longer forehead by reducing the length of the face.
• Avoid a center parting if you have a long face shape. The eye is drawn down the longest part of the face so a center parting will make your face appear longer in length.



Hair Styles to Flatter Round Face Shapes


Rounder, fuller face shapes tend to feature soft full cheeks and rounded foreheads and chins. The best hair cut and hair style for round shaped faces focuses on slimming the face and this can be achieved in several ways.
• Consider adding height with an up-style.
• Shorter hair styles work well on people with round face shapes.
• Think about a graduated bob that begins at the nape of the neck and rests to a point under the chin.
• Flattering hairstyles for round faces include layered bangs and layers that frame the face.
• If you have long hair look at adding bangs and graduated layers.



Hair Styles to Flatter Oval Shaped Faces


Many people consider the oval face shape as the best face shape because so many hairstyles work well.
• The best hairstyles and haircuts for an oval face shape include long hair styles, short hair, layered hairstyles and bobs!
• With an oval face, you really are able to experiment with a variety of haircuts and hairstyles that will flatter and suit your oval facial features.
• Make the most of your perfect face shape by avoiding hairstyles that hang over your face or that come forward onto your face.



Hair Styles to Flatter Heart Shaped Faces


A heart shaped face or inverted triangle face shape tends to have a wider temple (often with a widow’s peak) and a narrow pointed chin. As you have a narrow jawline, use your hairstyle to add volume around the jaw or chin area to balance out your features.
• The best hair cut and hair style for heart face shapes is a short bob, which looks fantastic with curly or wavy hair and layers just under the cheekbones.
• The greatest sex siren of our time, Marilyn Monroe, gets the look just right with her wavy hairstyle for a heart shaped face.
• Bangs are also a great way to balance out a heart shaped face
• With heart face shapes, avoid hairstyles with added height or any hair style that is too slicked back.


Hair Styles to Flatter Square Face Shapes


Square face shapes are bold, strong and angular and convey an appearance of strength and power. It is often said that women with square face shapes are photogenic and age well!
• If you want a hairstyle to soften a square shaped face choose a style that adds texture.
• Waves and curls around the jawline help to soften a square face.
• Bangs cut to the eyebrows and shaped longer at the sides are also good hair ideas to balance a square shaped face.
• Or emphasize your strong jaw like by wearing your hair very long and straight.


 Hair Styles to Flatter Triangle/Pear Face Shapes


The triangle face can also be known as the pear shaped face. The widest point on the triangle face shape is the jaw line. Triangle face’s have narrow forehead compared to any other point on the face. Your over-all goal with any style you choose is to minimize your jawline and add width at your temples and above.

• Part hair to the side, or zip zagged
• Use styles that will add some height and width to the temples and above
• Shag styles will compliment you well
• Hair should be low volume(close to the head) at the jawline
• Stacked Cuts



Hair Styles to Flatter Diamond Face Shapes


The diamond face shape is actually the least common of all face shapes, however, the features of a diamond face shape are quite striking. Those with diamond face shapes will notice that their faces are widest at the cheekbones and narrow at both the chin and forehead. Because of the narrow width in the forehead and chin, the diamond face shape can appear quite long.

• Extra volume at the crown of the head will cause a diamond face to appear too long. That being said, the volume in the style should always appear BELOW the cheekbones so as not to create unwanted width at the widest area of the face.
• Bangs should sweep to the side, or even be worn straight across, as this gives the appearance of the forehead being wider than it really is
• Avoid center parts.
• Super short hairstyles should be avoided.



**This article is written by me. These pictures are a collection from around the Internet and not my work.**

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